San Francisco Bakery & Cafe Austin, Texas

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You gotta love a local bakery and cafe that makes everything in house and serves up delicious food on a regular basis.  We found just such a place for you to enjoy.  San Francisco Bakery and Cafe on Anderson Lane in north Austin.

Owners John & Chelle Tran are carrying on the family tradition with their powerhouse bakery and cafe which opened in 1995.  The family recipes are still being used to bring a delightful smile to the faces of happy patrons every day.  What's so special about them you ask?  Beside their generous portions and creative choices, this is one place where you get a hearty sandwich with fresh bread, made in house.  (on top of which they load up choice Boar's Head meats)  Add to that a handful of home made soups and fresh baked pastries and you start to understand their popularity.

One of their more popular sandwiches, an original from the beginning days of San Francisco Bakery and Cafe...  The Santa Cruz.  This is a delicious grilled chicken sandwich stacked with bacon, cheese and enough veggies to keep mom happy about your balanced meal.  It's served with chips and beautifully presented.  We love it.

Another favorite...  the Turkey Bacon Club.  Excellent sandwich served on a home made croissant that will knock your socks off.  Seriously, we love a great sandwich made on a croissant, and it may be repetitive but you just can't beat a fresh made one.  This sandwich came with a French Onion Soup that makes for a heck of a sandwich dunk.  But it's still a terrific soup all on it's own.  You won't find any cans of soup in this place either.  Nope, they make their own soups as well.

All of you Veggie lovers around Austin will love this place too.  There are salads to keep you happy and plenty full.  Plus, you'll love their Avocado Fresh Veggie Sandwich.  We've never been real excited about vegetarian dishes, but this one is very good.  We would recommend this to even the most devout meat-atarian.  

If you like clam chowder, or even if you don't... this is one you need to try.  We couldn't get enough of it.  Oh, there was plenty but this one was empty faster than anything.  The texture and flavor of the clam chowder at San Francisco Bakery and Cafe would be hard to match.  But then they take it one step further by serving it in a home made bread bowl.  Classy presentation, very flavorful, this one's a sure winner.  (You Gotta Try This)

And we can't forget to mention the pastries and locally roasted gourmet coffees.  This stuff truly reminds us of the baked goods Mom used to make.  Don't take that too lightly, Mom really knows her stuff.

We HIGHLY recommend that you try this place.  If you live across town, it will be worth the trip.


San Francisco Bakery & Cafe
2900 W Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 302-3420

Mon-Sat 7am-6pm  Sun 7am-3pm