Monument Cafe Georgetown, Texas

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Ever heard about one of those great local restaurants from several people but never quite made it there?  We have, and we are sorry that we didn't discover this one sooner.  Monument Cafe in Georgetown.  Oh we've been told by friends and family about the fantastic food at this place, but clearly they all understated it's praises.  Well WE won't make that mistake.

This place has been a Georgetown favorite since 1995, and was created in the likeness of old school cafes from the 1920's to the 1940's.  Those were the days for cafes right?  Everybody showed up, even if only for a cup of coffee.  Just like the old days, sit at the counter or sit at a table.  Monument Cafe was even strategically named by definition to relive those good ol' days.  "Monument:  a lasting evidence, tribute, reminder or enduring example of something or someone, notable or great."

And they have achieved greatness.  The people of Georgetown figured that out shortly after they opened and have been loyal patrons ever since.  Seriously, how many places around Austin can say that they have a wait for BREAKFAST! (if there are some, make sure to email the names to us)  The customers are showing up to this classy cafe about thirty minutes before they open.  Monument Cafe, being who they are... let the people come in while wait-staff are still shuffling around and getting ready for the work day.  Once the food hits the table, you'll understand what all the fuss is about.

The Monument Cafe only serves what they call "Real Food".  That is to say, no frozen or canned meats, veggies or desserts.  Everything there is cooked there.  Nothing is "heated up" or "thawed out".  They try to buy all of their vegetables from local farmers, and raise some in their own garden.  You've gotta love the effort these guys go through to make you happy.

The staff are all dressed in chefs coats, which actually leaves you feeling as if the person serving your food actually knows what they're doing.  But back to the food.  One delicious home style breakfast, the yard eggs with peppered bacon, biscuits and gravy, leaves us wanting to tell you all about the biscuits.  These biscuits have this splendid texture unlike just about anywhere else.  Just load us up a big honkin' plate of those and a bucket of the gravy.  Wow!  No seriously...  Wow!

We also love the Chicken Fried Chicken and the Chicken Fried Steak, and great news for all of you Gluten Free folks.  Here you can get a GLUTEN FREE CHICKEN FRIED STEAK!  That's right... just ask and you shall receive.  It's a wonderful pan seared chicken fried steak made without those pesky little glutens.  AND...  their famous Monument Chocolate Pie!  Heaven on a pie plate and also GLUTEN FREE.  We absolutely love the toasted pecan crust.

We HIGHLY recommend this place, and will definitely be taking up one or two of their tables on a regular basis.  If you have been there before but not in awhile, they have moved just north of the Historic Georgetown Downtown Square and expanded to make room for all of their happy customers.  For those who've never been there... when you discover for yourself, don't say we never told you.  Enjoy.

Monument Cafe
500 S. Austin Ave
Georgetown, TX 78626

Sun - Thurs 7a - 9p
Fri - Sat 7a - 10p